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Monday Must-Reads [03.30.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips Benefits of Walking: Why The Greatest Minds Take Long Walks How I improved my writing productivity by 100% A 5-Minute Guide to Evernote | Tech Tools for Writers A Reverse To-Do List – Elizabeth Spann Craig Kids and the Decline of Reading, Part 1: What We Can Do At Home […]

Monday Must-Reads [03.23.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips So You Want to Write a Book? Just Do It! by Nina Amir — The Book Designer Jennifer Blanchard | The 7 Tools I Use To Get My Writing Done Writing Tips & Inspiration Want to Know More About the Structure of Your Favorite Books and Movies? Announcing the Story […]

Monday Must-Reads [03.16.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips When You Don’t Feel Like Writing… How to Make a New Habit Stick – Michael Hyatt Episode #90 – The Business of Writing with Steve Scott – Rocking Self Publishing Business Musings: The Importance of Routines | Kristine Kathryn Rusch There Are Only Two Kinds of Books Would you take […]

Monday Must-Reads [03.09.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips Healthiest Way to Work: Standing vs. Sitting and Everything Between How-to make your iPhone Dimmer than Dim — Medium Productivity Tips for the Scattered Writer – Elizabeth Spann Craig Reading among teenagers is declining (infographic) The Three Biggest Surprises When Starting (or Attempting) a Daily Writing Habit – Sterling & […]

Guess What Just Got Here! LOOK AT THE PRETTY


I wasn’t expecting this package for a few more days, but guess what just got here?! The Unending Love Proof I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it Then both books. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to hold my book (now books!) in my hands. It’s incredible to open it up and read: […]

Monday Must-Reads [03.02.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips How to Use the Pomodoro Technique as a Freelance Writer How To Make Sure You Never Lose Progress On Your Book Again – Sterling & Stone Writing Productivity Tip: Multitasking The Shiny Everything & The Long Game QueryTracker Blog: Writer Productivity Tip: Healthy Competition What To Do When It’s Your […]

Monday Must-Reads [02.23.15]

Tons of super helpful revision & editing tips below! Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips Blots & Plots:5 Ways to Create Your Own Writing Space – Blots & Plots How to Write a Great Book Review Rise & Shine: The Morning Rituals of our Great Creative Minds – Evernote Blog The Under-appreciated Benefits of Creative Consistency […]

Monday Must-Reads [02.16.15]

Fun Stuff & Productivity Tips Clive Thompson, “The Pencil and the Keyboard: How… – Austin Kleon Overwhelmed As An Author? How To Work With Virtual Assistants With Chris Ducker | The Creative Penn Tax Time Revelations – Elizabeth Spann Craig How Do You Use Scrivener? (And How *Should* You?) – Sterling & Stone Discovering New […]